Q. In the Payrun my employee status displays – No previous payslip and I cannot enter a pay?

Answer. The employee does not have a payment in the previous week.  When an employee has not worked for some reason you need to use the “Unpaid Leave” pay category to maintain a continuous weekly pay cycle. Select the first pay period that the employee has not worked, add the pay category Unpaid leave and enter 38 hrs (This will remove any leave accruals).  Make sure that there are no money values in the payrun (ie Allowances or Deductions that need to be deleted).  Click Finalise then go back to the current pay week.  For extended periods of time you can edit the “Last Day” field to the day before the current pay week then click Finalise.

Q. How do I change Leave Entitlements?

Answer. You can use the Amendment payslip function to alter the Leave Balances.  This can only be done in the most recently processed (completed) Payrun.  You cannot update payruns prior to the last completed week.  Use the Add amendment button, this will create a blank payslip make sure that there are no money values in the payrun (ie Allowances or Deductions that need to be deleted). You will see that the fields for Leave entitlements are now open and can be edited.  Enter the balance as at the date of the payrun the Amendment is being processed)  It is also a good idea to edit the notes for the amendment.  This can be done by clicking Cost Centres and then looking for the note  icon.  Details entered here will be saved to the employee leave history table.

Q. What is the field – Voluntary agreement for?

Answer. The employee is a contractor.  This field changes the way earnings for this employee are reported when submitting STP reports.

Q. What are the Tax Periods for?

Answer. Tax periods are to separate earnings to be taxed in blocks.  ie if you are paying someone amounts that are for more than 1 week and you need to calculate tax for each week separately.

Method.  Allocate a tax period to each line of earnings starting at 0 (zero) then 1, 2 or 3 as required.

eg. All types of earnings relating to the first week should be labelled tax period 0, earnings for 2nd week should be tax period 1 and so on.

Q. I Cant find the ABA File

Answer. Bank files are saved by default to the downloads folder.  You can specify for the browser to request where to save the file if you prefer.

Q. How do I recreate the ABA File

Answer. Once the ABA file has been created the software flags the weekly payrun as “Paid”  so if you change the “View unpaid”  filter in the export menu to “No” the system will re-display the weekly payrun and you can recreate the file.

Q. How do I pay Paid Parental Leave

Answer. Using Manual Entry add the Pay Category for PPL and enter 38 in the units field.  The system has a precalculated hourly rate based on 38 hours and should be paid in full weekly amounts. Tax will be calculated accordingly but no super will be paid and Leave accruals will not be calculated.   You can set the pay category to automatically included in the payrun by enabling Paid Parental Leave, under Earnings  in the Employee award menu.  You will need to edit the units to 38 if using this method.

Q. How do I pay Workers Compensation.

Answer.  Create an allowance for Workers Compensation in the company settings under Pay Categories and Allowances.  Set the properties (refer to award rulings for correct settings)  Add the newly created allowance to the employee and set the value / method.  If you have chosen Weekly for the method the allowance will come up automatically in the payrun, for Input you will need to add the pay category to the payrun as required.