Leave entitlements accrue in hours, these are calculated from on the Normal weekly hours for Full time but on actual hours worked for Part time and Casual.  Accruals start from the first pay calculated and accumulate on a weekly basis.

Annual Leave – Default 4 x Normal Weekly Hours

  • Full Time – Normal Hours is by default 38 but can be altered in the employee settings under Award.
  • Part Time – Normal Hours is the employees hours worked.

Personal Leave – Default 10 days per year

  • Full Time – Normal Hours as per employee settings (as described above) divided by 5 x 10
  • Part Time – Normal hours worked divided by 5 x 10

Long Service Leave – All Statuses

  • Long Service Leave is calculated at .01666 hours per normal hour worked.

Additional Week Leave entitlement for shift workers.

This is automated if the employees weekly pay is produced through time entry.  The software will record the number of Sundays and Public holidays worked and add an additional weeks entitlement if applicable upon the employees anniversary.

If the employee is not processed through time entry then this function can be enabled as a permanent setting and the additional week accrued weekly.

If the employee is entitled to an extra week because they are a management employee this can also be activated so that the system accrues on a weekly basis.

Adding an additional week for 5 week annual leave entitlement

Navigate to Employees

  • Select the employee and go to the Award tab
  • Open the Leave Accrual selection
  • Choose Annual Leave Accrued
  • Override the Weeks per Year or Additional Week fields as required

 Time in Lieu (TIL)

  • Automatic Time in Lieu: Enable this if you wish the system to bank Overtime hours as Time in Lieu
  • Auto Add to Payrun: For employees entered through Manual Entry selecting this setting will mean the paycategory for time in lieu accrued will automatically be added to the payrun.  If not selected you will need to add the paycategory manually when required.

Additional Rostered Days Off (ARDO)

  • Enable: Enable this if want the software to accrue hours as Additional Rostered days Off.
Paid Parental Leave