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Member Identification Made Easy

Our card printer makes printing and distributing your membership cards simple. With the Magicard 300 ID Card Printer Dual Sided Magnetic Encoder, you’ll quickly and easily print directly on unique coloured cards, providing your members with an ID card linked to your rewards system and encoded for POS or gaming system swiping.

Quality combined with simplicity and security

Taking the headache out of membership card printing, the Magicard 300 integrates with your existing network and infrastructure via USB. The broad colour spectrum and 300 x 300 dpi image quality delivers high-quality photograph and logo printing. The easy-to-use printer requires minimal technical knowledge and digitally shreds data once used, ensuring the security of your records.

Installation and technical support

For those who need an extra level of support, KSC offers an installation and technical support package. To keep your system running smoothly, this option includes onsite configuration and user training along with 12 months of remote support. Talk to us to see how we can help.

Reliability backed by a 3 year warranty

You need a card printer you can rely on, avoiding the frustration of it breaking down just as you need it. The Magicard 300 is built with advanced components and high-performing purpose-built materials. It’s also backed by a 3 year warranty. So in the rare case that something goes wrong, you’re covered.

Flexible and efficient

Whether you need to batch print cards using the 100-card feeder, print individual membership cards, or rewrite a card, the Magicard 300 offers the flexibility you need. With single-sided printing as the standard option, you can also upgrade to double-sided printing if required.

Stationery and supplies

We’ll make sure you have all the things you need to get the job done. Your Magicard 300 printer comes with a colour ribbon as well as individual black, blue, gold, silver and white ribbons, enough for 1000 prints each, blank and pre-printed card supplies.

Magicard 300 Printer

Installation & Support

Pre-Printed Cards

Blank Card Supplies

5 Colours x 1000 Prints

3 Year Warranty

Magicard 300 ID Card Printer Dual-Sided Magnetic Encoder Specifications

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