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Looking for a simple solution for your payroll/STP? Our hospitality specific software solutions make it easy for you to approve and pay your team whilst automatically staying payroll compliant. Our local team is on hand to provide you with remote support when you need it.

Automated and time saving payroll solution

King Street Computer’s systems are quick to implement and easy to operate. With programs mastered within hours of training, connect quickly and seamlessly with your teams through the platform, ensuring accurate and timely communication.

Designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is our speciality. We’re across all the unique characteristics that make the industry such a thriving hub of excitement, including the transient nature of employees. We make it simple for you to set up, roster and manage your team, so you can get on with looking after your guests.

Forget about compliance concerns

KINGpay is a fully managed software system that will automatically update to ensure payroll compliance, keeping you up to date with any changes to the award or rates for Clubs and hospitality.

Same day support. Help when you need it

We know that payroll support is business critical and time sensitive. We are here to help with our same day, usually instant support responses. Reach out by phone or email and we will be there to help you when you need it the most.

Affordable solutions that will save you money

Our systems and solutions are not only tailored to your industry, they are developed with your budget constraints in mind. There’s no expensive and unnecessary bells and whistles here, just a highly secure and comprehensive payroll solution for the hospitality industry.

Flexible Payroll

Cloud-based Platform

Quick Processing Times

Price Compliance Guaranteed

Automated Processes

KINGtime Integration

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King Street Computers offers simple cloud-based payroll with stress-free compliance. Sound good?

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Is rostering your staff taking up more time than it should?

Identify the strengths in your team and roster accordingly with our cloud based rostering system. By scheduling staff around peak demand periods, taking into account availabilities and leveraging the strengths of team members, you will reduce wait times in your restaurants and bars. Your team will stay engaged and motivated when their shift runs smoothly as a result of your great planning.

Up to date and on time

Having a roster system that includes flexibility and easy communication can help motivate your team. Plan your rosters and share them quickly and easily using KINGtime. Tailored to the unique requirements of Clubs and the hospitality industry, you will be able to split rosters across specific areas of your business, giving control to different managers and engaging them through empowerment.

Time tracking software

By tracking the beginning and end of each shift, you will save money by paying for hours worked only. Our premium solution utilisingPayCat includes facial recognition for true time tracking accuracy.

Fully integrated with KINGpay for a seamless solution

With KINGtime, your hospitality rostering software, integrated into your KINGpay cloud based payroll system, you will cut down on hours of data entry.

Forecast wages as you roster

Don’t be surprised when it comes time to process your payroll. With our online rostering program, you’ll forecast your finances as you build your roster, reducing the risk of overspending in wages and maximising on your demand periods.

Award compliance made easy

Calculating RDOs, minimum breaks between shifts, split shifts, public holidays, award entitlements and wage calculations is much less time consuming with our hospitality rostering software. The automatic updates ensure you’ll always be compliant with the latest changes.

Roster Staff Simply

Ensure Award Compliance

Maximise On-demand Periods and Reduce Costs

Quickly Communicate With Staff

Forecast Finances

KINGtime Integration

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King Street Computers provides flexible and simple scheduling of your staff for success. Take action and start now.

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