Sending Single Touch Payroll

This process should be part of your pay run procedure to be carried out each pay period after you have created the ABA file and employees are marked as paid.

Navigate to Payrun then select Single Touch Payroll.

  1. Select the “Queue STP” button in the top right corner to queue all available reports.  When doing this for the first time you may see a list of previous weeks pay run, you will only need to send the current period as it contains the weekly & YTD payment amounts.  The current pay run will always be at the top of the list.
  2. To send the current pay run select the “Send/polling now” on the current pay run, this will send the report the ATO.
  3. Once sent it will take time to get a response from the ATO servers so feel free to move away from this screen and carry on with your day.
  4. You can check the status from the ATO response by selecting “Update” in the top right. For extra detail you can select the down arrow (see below pic), “waiting answer” means the report has been sent to the ATO and is waiting for a response.


If the response is “User Action Required” expand the details and check the response which will indicate what fix is required.  In most cases the description of the error will point you in the right direction to resolve the issue.  If you are unsure what it means contact us for assistance. Expect this result on your first attempt (dependent on the accuracy of your data) but once the issue has been resolved future reports will be sent successfully (Example of an error below – this error means company has no Phone Number)

When the process completed a confirmation email will be sent (to the email listed in Company Settings) with the transmission plus the response from the ATO. You will be required to archive this for future reference as it may be requested if undergoing an audit.