Update or Enter Employee Superfund Details

To update super details navigate to employees

  1. Find the employee to be updated.
  2. Select Pay Settings
  3. Select Superannuation
  4. Change or Add details in the Fields as required.
  5. Select

To update super fund details on a “Paid” payslip navigate to “Payrun”, then “Manage”

  1. Select the period to be updated with the new super details.
  2. Find the employee, bring up their payslip and enable the “Cost Centres” button
  3. When “Cost Centres” switch is turned on the option to edit fields are now available. Click the hand icon   next to the pay category you wish to edit in this case “Superannuation” which will now allow you to edit the “Super Fund” and “Account Number” Details 
  4. Once changed select “Confirm” and then close by pressing the “x” in the top right corner of the dialog box
  5. Repeat step 7-9 for each of the following pay periods as required