Enabling STP Authority

  1. Notify the ATO that you are using KINGpay to send your STP reporting requirements.  To do this your AusKey administrator will need to call the ATO on 1300 85 22 32 or Login to the ATO access portal (
  2. Add your host software provider  = King Street Computers or you can use our ABN – 93617922086.
  3. Add the Software ID (This is located within KingPay under Company Setting, Details)

Below is an example ONLY, your own software ID will be located under “Company Settings” and then “Details”

ATO Declaration  – Before sending any STP submissions you need to sign the declaration.

  1. In ATO under the Company Settings menu enter the name of the ATO Administrator and tick the box labelled declaration
  2. Make sure you also click the SAVE button to record the change.

Sending Single Touch Payroll

This process should be part of your pay run procedure to be carried out each pay period after you have created the ABA file and employees are marked as paid.

Navigate to Payrun then select Single Touch Payroll.

  1. Select the “Queue STP” button in the top right corner to queue all available reports.  When doing this for the first time you may see a list of previous weeks pay run, this will send the report the ATO.
  2. Once sent it will take time to get a response from the ATO servers so feel free to move away from this screen and carry on with your day.
  3. You can check the status from the ATO response by selecting “Update” in the top right. For extra detail you can select the down arrow (see below pic), “waiting for user” means the report has been sent to the ATO and is waiting for a response.