Payslip Management


  • Paid Options: Use this filter to change how you view Payslips.  Either  All / Not Paid or Paid
  • Email Options: All / Not Sent or Sent
  • Financial Year: Select the required year from the Drop down Menu
  • Period Type: Week / Fortnight or Month
  • From Week No: Use this for multiple week selections.
  • To Week No:
  • Employees ID from to: Use this to select individual employees.

  1. Select Filters and conditions
  2. Select Search


  • Set e-mail as: Select from the drop down box To Send / Do Not Send or Sent. Select Set

This function is to control flags for Email, Pay Date and STP Status, the default setting is “To send” making the payslip appear in the email sender.  If you wish to remove the payslip from the email sender select do not send and then click the Set button

  • Set Pay Date: Enter the Date Sent. Select Set

This field will be automatically updated when an ABA file is created and also prints on the payslips.  If the date is incorrect or you are not producing ABA files then the field needs to be updated manually.

  • Set STP to send: This is a KSC admin function.