Navigate to Reports then select the Manage button.


How to print Reports

  1. Select the Report Title:  Costs, Reconciliations, Leave, Payments, Allowance/Deductions, Super, PAYG or Others
  2. Select from the filters list below conditions of the report.
  3. You can either Print or export in excel format


Date Filter 

  • Financial Year: Select the Financial Year
  • Period Type: Select Week, Fortnight, month or All FY
  • From/To: Select pay periods required

Employee Filter

  • Employees Sorting: Select to sort by Surname Name Id Ascending ASC or Descending
  • Employees (empty all): To print multiple employees enter one or more employee names or numbers and select from table
  • Employees ID: Select a start and finish ID # to print a single or a range of employees numerically
  • Locations: Type a location name to select a single location, multiples can be selected
  • Pay Rates (empty all): Type a rate number or name to select employees by pay rate, multiples can be selected
  • Employment Type: Select from the drop-down menu; Full time / Part time / Casual
  • Employees Birth Date: Search by employee birth date
  • Employees End Date: Search by employee termination date
  • Including Terminated: Untick if you wish to exclude terminated employees from the selected report.
  • View Details: Controls the amount of additional information that is included in the report.



  • Print Report: Displays a new page of the report selected
  • Export Report: Exports the report in excel format
  • Reset All: Resets back to default selections.


  • Hours Paid By Location: Prints hours worked for each pay category  by location for each employee
  • Hours Paid By Employee:Prints hours worked for each pay category  by employee
  • Employee Type / Location Cost Analysis: Prints each employee with their location breakdown (Set View details to Yes for this report)
  • Location Cost Analysis: Details costs for each Location as well as a comparison Graph
  • Employee Cost Analysis: Details each Location with the employee details
  • Daily Cost Analysis: Details costs for each Location by day (weekly only)  There are a couple of different buttons in this report filter; Include earnings, Include Allowances, Include Super, Include Leave Taken


  • Wage Reconciliations by employee: Details each employee and their wage for the period selected
  • Wage Reconciliations by employee with OTE: This includes an additional column (OTE) which is the value of ordinary time earnings that super is calculated on


  • Leave by Employee: Prints each employee with a breakdown of leave entitlements
  • Leave by Location: Prints each employee split by location with a breakdown of leave entitlements, this will be based on what is allocated on the employee details, locations screen.
  • Leave History: This report prints in hours – leave taken, accrued and a balance of each leave type.

Filters for Leave reports include an additional field to select when to show LSL accrual from.



  • Direct Bank: Prints each employee with their selected bank accounts and the net amounts going to each account
  • Other Payments: Lists employees that have been set up for either Cash or Cheque payments



  • Allowances / Deductions: Prints each employee for all or selected Allowances and Deductions for the period specified
  • YTD Allowances / Deductions: Details all or selected Allowances and Deductions with the Current YTD totals



Super: Details all Employees Super Payments including any Voluntary or Salary sacrificed amounts


  • PAYG Summary: Prints a PAYG Summary for each employee
  • PAYG Total: Prints total of for each employees PAYG summaries for reconciliation purposes
  • PAYG ETP: Prints Employees ETP Summary for any employees that have received an ETP payment



  • Bundy Card Labels: Prints employee name, number and pay week date.  (The label dimensions are 33 per page at 64mm x 24.3mm, Avery code L7157)

Additional Filters – Select pay period date to be printed

  • Employee Locations Listing: Lists all Employees with their default Locations and percentages