KINGtime is a Cloud base system that is accessed through your Web Search Engine via a URL link. The system is fully integrated with our KINGpay Programme.


Accessing KINGtime through KINGpay.


If you have access to KINGpay you will be accessible KINGtime once logged in to the KINGpay System.

To access select the “KINGtime” logo as shown below, if you cannot see the KINGtime logo you do not have access to KINGtime, contact KSC support.


Setting up the KINGtime clock in station.


  • Supported devices – Android tablet, recommended at time of publication is the Samsung A7 (ordered direct from KSC and have it pre-configured prior to delivery)
  • Contact KSC for mounting solutions (wall, desk, free standing etc)
  • URL for clock in page
  1. Open Settings, navigate to About [device]
  2. Find Build number entry there. If there is none, it may be in Software information
  3. Tap Build number7 times.
  4. Make sure that a message pops up saying that you have become a developer (or that developer mode is already enabled)
  5. Go back to Settings main menu.
  6. Find the newly appeared Developer options
  7. Turn on Stay awake


  • Request separate user accounts for each clock provided by KSC.
  • You are not limited to amount of clock in solutions per site.