Setting up your Employees in KINGtime.

Employees are automatically available once added to KINGpay, after being added you will need to Enable the new employee in KINGtime.  Once enabled you can assign availability, locations, and roles to the employee.  Employees cannot be added directly to KINGtime.

 Employee Menu Icons.

  1. Hide/Show Columns – Select from the list items you wish to be seen on screen.
  2. Reload data – Refreshes updated data.
  3. Export Table – Export the Table in the desired Options.
  4. Enable All Employees (Use this for initial setup of all employees)
  5. Generate and send Attendance Pin – This is used to create and send a new pin for all employees. Once selected you can choose how many digits and how the pin will be sent.
  6. Set Communication Type – Choose how you wish to communicate with employees either Email, SMS or both.


 Setting up an new Employee.

  1. Click on Employees.
  2. Select the Employee name and select the Rostering TAB
  3. Set the Communication type, this can be either Email or Text (for text setup your account via Message Media)
  4. Click to enable the employee for rostering.
  5. Next select all locations that the employee might be rostered in.
  6. Add any Roles that the employee will perform.  Also specify a Skill Level (If using, this is not compulsary)
  7. Next select the Availability TAB
  8. Uncheck any days that the employee is not available or for part days uncheck the All Day box then enter the time frame that the employee is able to work for that day.
  9. Click Save before exiting the employees menu.