Allocate Employees permanent available Available days and times.

Setting Employee Availability

  1. Click on the Employees/ Select the Employee
  2. Click on Availability Tab
  3. Uncheck any days the employee is not available to work.
  4. Disable “All Day” and enter available times if the employee can only work certain times on that day.
  5. Select Save


Creating an Absence.

  1. Click on the Employees/ Select Employee
  2. Select the Availability TAB
  3. Click on the + Add Absence
  4. Click in the Date range field, click again to select start day and again to select end day.
  5. You can enter a start and stop time if the absence is only for part of the day or enter the Total number of hours in the Daily Hrs field.
  6. Select the relevant leave type from the drop-down selector.  Choose from
    • Annual Leave
    • Compassionate Leave
    • Paid Parental Leave
    • Long Service Leave
    • Personal Care Leave
    • ARDO Taken
    • Time in Lieu Taken
  7. Once all selections have been entered the Add button turns Green.  Click Add to save the Absence