We are King Street Computers working to help the Club sector 

King Street Computers has been providing the club sector software since 1980.

King Street Computers has been providing the club sector software since 1980.

Founded by Michael O'Neill, it started producing software for the hospitality industry. 

40 years later, our team of dedicated service professionals are on-hand to help the many clubs that have come to rely on our dedication to providing the best software solutions possible.

For more than 40 years, we have gained experience in software development by collaborating with other hospitality organisations.

We have strived to develop management facilities and customising industry Pacific software solutions that meet the needs of many of our club is small and big throughout Australia.

From day one, we have been totally focused on serving the club industry!

Over the years with seeing a huge change in software development with many different areas of business requiring flexibility in our approach as we strive to meet their requirements.

And a team of full-stack developers works closely with our customers to evolve our current products as was develop new solutions in areas that are most important freight customers business. It is the flexibility that separates us from our competition.

We believe that we are only as successful as our clients are. We have maintained our place in an extremely competitive market over the past 40 years by providing daily service levels that we ourselves would expect from our own suppliers.

"Our team has the ability to make ideas become a reality, translating complex requirements into simple and elegant schemes."

Matthew Betland - KSC Managing Director