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Accounting Software

Like many other clubs you can start saving time and money using KSC Accounting software

When searching for the best accounting software business’s look for solutions that are affordable and easy to use.

Our software takes the headaches out of business accounting, with time-saving features such as automated entries for daily receipting, bill payments, monthly journals, and annual budgets.

Our user-friendly software collates your data while doing all the hard work of producing monthly profit & loss and balance sheets along with monthly or quarterly BAS requirements.

Software that makes it simple to perform advanced tasks such as financial and GST reporting.

  • Easy to configure and to use
  • Time-saving import features
  • Full range of customised reports available
  • Reconcile multiple bank accounts with our simple bank rec tool
  • Handle creditor invoices and payments and remittances
  • Process debtor invoices and receipting
  • Budget comparisons
  • Export reports in PDF or excel format
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Payroll Software

Save your time with secure KINGpay Cloud-based software

Take the headache out of processing your weekly payroll with automation on most functions just approve and go. We have the software you need with amazing features.

We are committed to providing excellent support for all of our customers. Our remote support package is FREE of charge to all customers with our support agreement. Get step-by-step help. Chat with a payroll specialist today.  

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EBA Automation and Awards

  • Automated pay rates
  • Leave Templates
  • Tailored Superannuation Thresholds
  • Automatic Award Increases
  • Automatic Updates for any award changes
  • Automatic Tax Rate changes

Flexible payroll

  • Pay Schedules
  • Pay runs
  • Multiple employing entities
  • Multiple companies
  • Re-occurring pay run
  • Option to adapt to any criteria

Process automation

  • Super payments
  • ATO Single Touch Payroll Reporting
  • Leave calculations
  • Termination calculations
  • Manager notifications
  • Employee notifications


  • Pay Run Edits
  • Employee Reports
  • Leave calculations
  • Termination calculations
  • Manager notifications
  • Employee notifications

Pay condition categories

  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Automatic allowances and deductions
  • Minimum break between shifts
  • Split shifts
  • Shift worker conditions
  • Public holidays
  • Leave Accruals
  • Overtime
  • TIL - Time in lieu accruals
  • Rostered days off - RDO or ARDO
  • Meal breaks automated
  • Local conditions


Your complete subscription management software for your club

Set up in a few minutes with capability to export member data to third party software such as POS or Reward Kiosks.

Full control of your membership database. Search members easily with our extensive reporting and search conditions. Produce automatic exports for easy integration with your POS and gaming systems.

You wouldn't want to miss a member. Take full control of your core business.

Subscription management

Manage members renewals and print members cards on the spot. Browse members transaction history and receipting. Produce member renewal invoices and keep track of their interests with targeted marketing.

Completed member details

Save member information to use the statistical data and search criteria. Communicate with your members by e-mail using our search conditions to target groups and promotional e-mails.


With a large range of membership reports already built in you can see at a glance we membership strengths and target those members using our extensive search options.

Can't find a report? Why not use our report builder to create one to suit your individual requirements.

Easily customise your membership cards with a unique layout.

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or E-mail: sales@kingstreetcomputers.com

Asset Register


Our asset software has been designed to manage your assets and depreciation schedule

Asset register is all you need to manage your full asset list.

Our Asset Management Software for Clubs is a dedicated application which is used to record and track an asset throughout its life cycle, from procurement to disposal.

It provides your club with information like where certain assets are located, who is using them, how they are being utilized and details about the asset. 

The Asset Management Software is used for management of both software and hardware assets.

This software is so intuitive that you can leave your calculator at home.

  • You can maintain assets by Location and Groups.
  • Look at the depreciation schedule with subtotal by location and group
  • Generate automatic monthly journal lists for each group for posting to your General Ledger
  • Make provision for supplier and insurance details
  • View assets by supplier and insurer…leave your calculator at home!

Poker machines


Would you love to know which of your gaming machines are the best performers?

Connect your machines with our software and you will know how your machines are performing at any particular point in time.

Inport meters from CMS, Flexinet, Global, Clubnet and TGS.

We can also collect clearance and pay-out our data directly so you will not need to enter data manually.

Machine listings with the floor layout, analysis report, history report, cash flow report, meter comparison report, all the information you need to get the best out of your machines. Join today!

Ticket printing

You can design and print the full tickets, booking tickets and vouchers.

Create your custom event tickets. Each vendor would have its own unique layout, even if you copied it from the existing layout when creating the event. This means you can change the layout for one of them without affecting any of the other events.

The ticker designer allows you to customise events layout, and pictures or pricing — greater any event or contest.

We can also provide station requirements to go with the software, contact us now for more information.