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Which payroll software is right for your club?

Horror stories about payroll issues are common. These problems are often due to software that hasn’t been tested or built well, or simply doesn’t suit a particular organisation. Most payroll software is designed for multiple industries unlike KINGpay that is designed specifically for the club sector.

Be extremely careful before you change to any new payroll system. Read feedback from existing club users and test the software thoroughly before you switch to it. It’s always a good idea to have a fall-back plan ready in case things go wrong on pay day.

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Clubs across Australia who have slashed the time it takes to complete their Payroll

Freeing resources to improve service delivery are the goals of countless Club CEOs. 

Club CEOs can now find further cost savings, thanks to a payroll system called KINGpay that reduced a club’s workload by 200 hours.

To find out how clubs have made massive savings, we have produced a  special report  that show you how other clubs have learned a simpler cost approach to payroll.

You can easily lose your club $20,000 buying the wrong payroll software

A North Coast club learned the hard way that not all software is the same and that sometimes your best option is to stick with a tried and proven system.

In this report, we reveal how a North Coast club invested over $20,000 in payroll software only to abandon their investment within three weeks of implementation.

Not wanting to embarrass the management of this club, who is now a KINGpay client, we will share with you the mistakes they made that proved both costly and disappointing.