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This is for our Payroll Clients that are using the Times import facility, importing times from third party time and attendance providers.  (eg Time Target, Deputy, Tanda, TimeTeq etc) We have been working on standardising the import file structure to facilitate those wishing to import – Start and finish time as well as both Location of work and Hourly Rate.


This setting is optional as some of you do not require this information.  However, as time has passed we have ended up with different formats.   We need to standardise the exports so that all time import files are compatible with both the existing payroll and the new payroll in development.


I have spoken to each of the companies mentioned above and they have advised KSC that the request to modify the export format comes from you the client.  I have attached a sample file which is the new required “standard” format and would ask that you contact your relevant software provider and forward this document with a request for this modification.  Once this change has been completed by your Rostering vendor you will be ready to use this feature from KSC payroll version 8.40 or later.


Please feel free to contact KSC Support should you require any further explanation or assistance.


Below are the required fields that your rostering vendor needs to configure as part of the export


Example of export file

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