Location names are designed to represent the physical working location so that your employees know and where there working their shift.  For example, if you have multiple bars within the venue and you need to designate which bar someone is working in you would create a location for each one.

Creating a Location.

  1. Click on the Settings / Location
  2. Click on the Plus Sign
  3. Allocate a colour (if required)
  4. Add Name detail in the field.
  5. Assign a workgroup to the location.
  6. Select Payroll Cost Centre. (if a cost centre is selected this will be transferred to time entry automatically. If you prefer to use the % method for costing leave this field blank and no costing information will be transferred, the employees default costing will be use for any shifts that are attached to the location)
  7. Select Save

Editing a Location.

  1. Click on the Settings / Location.
  2. Click on the edit pencil icon.
  3. Add/change detail in the field.
  4. Select Save


Deleting a Location.

  1. Click on the Settings / Location
  2. Select Trash Icon
  3. Select Delete