Setting up Unpaid Pandemic Leave

Create an allowance called Unpaid Pandemic Leave Accrual (or something similar) This will be used as a trigger only to force the calculation of leave entitlements.
You can add the allowance to the Company Award if you wish to automatically enable for all employees, alternatively you can add it to individual employees under the employees Menu.  Once the allowance has been setup process a zero payrun for any employees not being paid during a Covid lockdown period.   You will see the allowance appear (no value will be paid) and there should be a pay category with the description “Used for leave accrual”  This will be prefilled with the employees current average working hours to enable the calculation of leave entitlements.  Do not remove this pay category, if the average is not correct you can override the units to the value that leave entitlements should be calculated on.   Once the Leave period is completed the allowance can be disabled globally by overriding the enable button in the Pay Category menu under Company Settings.

Navigate to Company Settings /Pay Categories and select Allowancs:

  1. Click the +Add button and create an allowance using the properties displayed in the example below
  2. Select Save

Option 1 (Adding the allowance to Company Award)

Navigate to Awards in the Company Settings then select the Award. Click on Allowances under the Part Time Heading :

  1. Click the +Add button and add the Unpaid Pandemic Leave allowance.
  2. Select Save
  3. Please Note – Repeat this step for the Casual Status.


Option 2 (Adding the allowance to Individuals) 

**Note  –  It is not necessary to add this allowance to Full Time employees as leave accruals are still calculated on the employees normal hours.

Navigate to Employees:

  1. Select the Employee then the Award Button
  2. Click on Allowances and then the +Add button and add the Unpaid Pandemic Leave allowance.
  3. Select Save