Employee Bank Accounts – Adding and Updating

Navigate to Employees and select the Employee to be updated.

  1. Select Pay Settings / Bank Accounts
  2. Select + Add

  • Account:  Enter name of the account you are adding
  • Description:  The detail entered here will appear on the employee’s bank statement
  • BSB Number:  Enter the BSB number (system will insert -)
  • Account Number:  Enter the account number
  • Flag Indicator: Leave Blank
  • Payment Type: If multiple accounts are added the system will allow this field to be altered to either Amount or Percentage selectable from a drop down box.
  • Payment Value: Enter the amount or percentage to be deposited in the account.
  • Disabled: Use this if an account is temporarily not to be used, remove when account is reinstated.
  • Click the Save button to record the new account.