Navigate to Company Settings and select Details.

1. Enter the Company details in the following fields.

Fields marked with an * are compulsory.
  • Software ID: KINGpay Account ID (Created automatically by Kingpay)
  • Name: Business Name
  • ABN: Registered Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Branch Code: An ABN Branch (also known as a GSTBranch) is used if part of your business needs to account for GST separately from its parent entity. If this doesn’t apply to you enter 1 or 2 as your ABNbranch number.
  • Address 1: Business Address
  • Address 2: Business Address
  • Town: Business Suburb
  • State: Select from the drop down menu
  • Postcode: Business Postcode
  • Country: Select from the drop down menu
  • Time Zone: Business Time Zone
  • Email: Enter the email address for correspondence to and from the company
  • Phone: Business Phone
  • Fax: Business Fax Number
  • Start day of Week: Select the First day in your pay week.
  • Default Pay Frequency: Select from the drop down menu. Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
  • Print Time Entries on payslip: Select if you would like to show start and finish times worked on payslips
  • Print Break Times on payslip: Select if you would like break times displayed as well as start/finish times on payslips
  • Print Bank details on payslip: Select if you need Bank account/s displayed on payslip.
  • Public Holidays Auto Import (Monthly): Tick this box to import future gazetted Public holidays automatically

2.  Select to complete any changes.

Company Logo – This can be uploaded and included on reporting and emails if required.  Please Email us your logo at and we can set this up for you.