Navigate to Company Settings then select the Bank button.

Bank Details

  1. ABA file Entries Description: eg PAYROLL
  2. Default download file name: Wages.aba (This is the name of the file you will transfer into your bank account, this can be changed if you wish but must have .aba as the file extension)
  3. Show totals on ABA file: Most Banks require a total line in the file to be uploaded.  Select Yes if required by your banking facility

Adding a New Bank Account

Select the Add Button and fill in the Companies Bank details as follows.

  1. Name (description)*: Name of Bank Account
  2. Financial Institution Abbreviation*: Eg Commonwealth Bank = CBA
  3. BSB: Your Financial Institutions Branch Number
  4. Account Number*: Business Account Number
  5. User Number*: This is usually referred to as DIRECT Entry ID. Issued by your Financial Institution.
  6. Account Name*: Business Account Name
  7. Remitter Name*: Detail you wish displayed in your Financial Institution statements.
  8. Select Save

Disable: Tick the box to disable the account.  Details will remain but not able to process pays through this account.