Loging into KINGpay

Step 1. Copy the URL https://payroll.kingstreetcomputers.com and past into your chosen browser’s address bar (It is a good idea to add to favorites/bookmarks so it can be selected quickly later)

Step 2. Enter your username and password allocated by the KSC support team.

Step 3. If its the first time logging in the setup screen will appear and step you through the security Duo setup (skip to step 12 if already setup)

Step 4. Select “Start setup”

Step 5. Select “Mobile phone” and “Continue”

Step 6. Enter you mobile phone number and select “Continue”

Step 7. Tick the confirmation box to confirm your mobile phone number and “Continue”

Step 8. Select your mobile phone type and then “Continue”

Step 9. Follow the on screen instructions to install Duo Mobile on your mobile and select “I have Duo Mobile installed”

Step 10. Open the Duo Mobile App

a. Select the + button

b. Scan the Bar-code displayed on your computer screen to link your KINGpay account to your DUO account then select “Continue”

Step 11. Select “automatically send this device a Duo Push” and “Continue to Login”.

Step 12. You have now enabled the Duo App and need to click “Send Me a Push” to send a DUO notification to your mobile phone








Step 13. Open the DUO notification and select “Approve” to log into KINGpay

Step 14. You are now logged in.