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January 2018 Monthly Update

Welcome to 2018 with a exciting year ahead!

Asset Register 3.16 Released
This version has many changes/upgrades and once the installer has been run you will need to run the repair.exe in the installed directory and tick “Convert to Access” on each database (*.MDB files) which upgrades the database to be more efficient and is required for this build. Please call KSC support if you need assistance with this process.

– Database upgraded to new version (mandatory as part of this update)
– Reporting period selection fixes
– Yearly Reset auto copy of previous year
– End of year reset process clean up

Web Payroll
The team at King Street Computers are very excited to report that Web payroll is currently in the later stages of user Pilot testing with positive feedback given and changes made off the back of this feedback. This system has taken two years of dedicated programming and development and will represent Kingstreet’s flagship product. We are also continuing to work with the ATO on Single Touch Payroll compliance so we are ready well before the required EOF deadline.

We are very close to release with our current target window being February to start the customer conversions to this new system. This will be carried out individually so handover can include one on one time with KSC staff to assist with the change. Most setup information from the current system to the new system is converted and imported automatically as part of this process. We will of course discuss this process in detail as we reach out to all of you individually to explain what is involved.

It will take time to get to each one of you and you will all be made aware well in advance of the schedule with the ability to stay on the current system up till the end of the current fiscal year. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact KSC at anytime.

Casual Award Change
As of the first of January 2018 the Club Award has had a change made to Casual Staff with the below details;

Casual employees now have an entitlement to overtime pay.
They get overtime when working:
-more than 38 hours per week, or an average of 38 hours per week over a roster cycle (which may not exceed 4 weeks)
-more than 12 hours per day or shift.
-casuals may also be entitled to a meal allowance when working overtime.

This will be managed automatically in Web payroll, in the current payroll system please manually add this as overtime when a casual works more than 38 hours in a given week. As always, any questions or concerns please contact KSC.

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